„Emese, Madeleine and Marius are dedicated and highly skilled artists; with technical and sensitive refinement already in their young age.“
Jonathan Östlund 

The Romanian clarinetist Marius Birtea, the French cellist Madeleine Douçot and the Hungarian pianist Emese Wilhelmy started playing together in 2017 in Salzburg, where they studied at the Mozarteum University with Clemens Hagen, Alois Brandhofer, Imre Rohmann, Cordelia Höfer-Teutsch and Matthias Bartolomey, and quickly decided to promote the seldom played repertoire for their formation, founding the Trio Tempora.
Regular guests of concert venues such as the Marmor Hall of the Mirabell Palace Salzburg, the Konzertrotunde and Wandelhalle of the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonie, the Arenberg Palace Salzburg, the Dommusik Saal Salzburg, the Atrium of Bad Birnbach, the Wohnstift Mozart in Ainring, the Kulturforum Klosterkirche in Traunstein, the Kursaal of Bad Hofgastein, the Anif Haus der Kultur or the Blühnbach Palace, the young musicians also went on several European tours, playing in Germany (Berlin Christophori Salon, Hamburg Tchaikovsky Hall, Göttingen Clavier-Salon, Einbeck « Tangobrücke Festival »), in Romania (Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic, Ploiești), in France (« Scene en Forêt » Festival) and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banski Dvor, Banja Luka).
They perform the great masterpieces of the Viennese Classicism (Mozart Kegelstatt Trio KV. 498  and Beethoven Clarinet Trios Op.11 and Op.38) and of the romantic era (Brahms Trio in a-minor Op. 114 ; Glinka Trio pathétique ; Bruch Eight Pieces Op. 83 ; Zemlinsky Trio in d-minor Op.3 ; Frühling Clarinet Trio Op.40), as well as several modern and contemporary works: Robert Muczynski Fantasy Trio ; Nino Rota Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1973) ; Anthony Girard Les Noces d’Orphée (2004) and Jonathan Östlund Sonatine Lyrique, which they premiered in October 2018 and recorded the same year with the Divine Art Records ; this double CD was released in April 2019. 




Trio Tempora erfreut mit ausdrucksstarker Interpretation von Klarinetten-Trios
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